An intense battle among the Top-4 saw @DennyHamlin make a run at the lead down the back stretch, but the 4 car prevailed into 3.

45 laps to go. The @FedEx #Camry is 5 car lengths behind the 4 car.

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Hamlin stays out with the 4 car (his arch rival today and this season). They will battle for the lead on this restart, and the beginning of the final Stage.

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Busch brings the No.18 @Skittles #Camry to the attention of his pit crew. Scheduled stop, under this Stage break. He’s been battling a vibration, but holding strong in the Top-10.

He restarts p15.


NHL and NHLPA have finalized tentative agreement on RTP Phase 3/4 protocols but are continuing to work on finalizing the details of the CBA MOU.

Hamlin gets Stage points for his 3rd place finish in Stage 2. Now it’s time to take the @FedEx #Camry back to pit road for tires and fuel.

Busch was 7th.


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